HMS Engineering Consulting and Construction LLC is founded in 2010 in order to serve for International General Contractors as a Structural and Architectural Works Contractor. The partners of our Company are working on the same field since 1993. The Company mainly Works for Reinforced Concrete and Finishing Works of Prestigious buildings such as Housing Complexes, Business Centers, Villas, Hotels, Exhibition Halls, Government Buildings and Industial Buildings. HMS had a major role as Subcontractor in many of the succesful Projects all over the World which are undertaken by Turkish Construction Companies.

HMS is founded as a Structural and Architectural Works Contractor Company by two brothers Hüseyin Saltık and Metin Saltık (who are trained in Construction Sites from their early ages) and Murat Erden (MSc.Civil Engineer) in 2010. With the ambition of success, collective work, and years of experience, HMS  succesfully completed several prestigious projects all over the world.HMS had shown a stable development with its profession, creativity, honesty and skilled team of professionals since its foundation, and gained a respectable position within the construction world. With our management team, who closely followed the developments within sector and new Technologies in the construction industry, our company is continuing to be one of the leading companies within the sector via its sound administrative and financial savings.

HMS always tries and achieves to complete Projects with the best quality, with the minimum cost, timely shorter than planned schedules, and by the time giving no concession from the safety requirements. In a project, except the managers and engineers, the workers of HMS are generally consist of Foremen, Skilled Workers and some Unskilled Workers. HMS provides labor from all over the world, and all are experienced in previous projects of HMS. In Turkey and Europe, HMS employes Turkish Workers, In Middle East Region, HMS employes Indian Workers, and In Central Asia, HMS employes Asian workers.

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